£15m for Burnley Hospital


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Gordon Birtwistle is campaigning for £15 million of new developments at Burnley General Hospital to go alongside the new Emergency Unit opened in 2014. This will include new surgical units and a new Ophthalmology (eye) department so people from Burnley no longer have to travel to Blackburn, Accrington or Rossendale for some treatments.

Gordon fought tirelessly against Labour's closure of Burnley's old Emergency Unit in 2007 and since then has worked to improve the services at Burnley General Hospital. Since being elected in 2010 he has returned an ambulance service to Burnley at the new Emergency Unit, brought in improved out-of-hours GP services - and now is fighting for these new services for our town.

We need to show the treasury that Burnley wants and deserves the funding for these new units in our hospital. Please sign our petition and help us get the hospital we need for Burnley and Padiham.

Gordon at Burnley Hospital Ambulance Entrance

We support Gordon Birtwistle's campaign for £15 million of new developments at Burnley General Hospital to go alongside the new Emergency Unit opened in 2014. We support the building of new surgical units and a new Ophthalmology (eye) department so people from Burnley no longer have to travel to Blackburn, Accrington or Rossendale for some treatments.

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    Sign our petition to bring £15m investment to Burnley Hospital for new surgical units & Ophthalmology (Eye) Department
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    When I needed help Gordon was there for me
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    Gordon has achieved a great deal since being elected as Burnleys M P. He has helped

    to improve the image of the town creating more confidence in bringing more business

    here along with the increase in employment. So really do we want to put Labour back in

    and let them create another larger deficit with higher taxation and more unemployment

    and all the misery that they got the country into. Do we want to be like Greece or France? Please let Gordon keep up his good work for a great town like Burnley.
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    I totally support this. Blackburn is too remote from Burnley and extremely overstretched.
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    I have a question for you about my old Primary School I lived at Forest Green , Surrey Sunnymead was the same of the house when I was 9 – 11 . This next bit is very important I am posting this open letter so people of Forest Green and Walliswood will be asking you a very important question . The Head Teacher had to write in a what I call a Log Book every school day from when the school open 1871 to when it closed 1996, I was expect from the 11+ and did another test in Dorking I was was shown to be 18th month behind so I could go to main stream school . My test will be in the the log book I want my test result I have the one from Uni University of Southampton Winchester School of Art , I can a train accident when I was coming home from work at Orpington train station and I got concussion and was of work for 3 months I a have trouble with my memory I have had two test with my memory and am going for another test I want all three of my test . Having a letter from Surrey Council that the school paper were thrown away it not got enough , The two log books have a lot of local History in them . When I was at the school it was 100 years old they used the first book and found the oldest pupil and she open the plaque for 100 years she was in her 90’s . I want to see if my memory is n shape or \ shape something really wrong . In my year I was except one fail and 9 + of 11+ the year before was 11 pass and no fails it was a very good school very small school . The local people need to be asking were are the two the log book they should of at the very min gone to Summer Set House for public records. At Uni. I was told I was very bad Dyslexic. You are in the write job for me Education Minster I live in Burnley my MP cannot help me but you can you are the Educational Minster and a chef wipe I will keep on asking about my test results and make it a political issue as I call myself an On Line Art Critic

    From Pat Woolven (BA)

    On Line Art Critic

    This letter has been published on my Facebook and I will keep on about until I get my test results. It is over to now someone needs you now someone needs to brought to book about the schools log book information the ball is in your court now 125+ years of history thrown away Forest Green has just 400 people at anyone time. What will they say when they find out the local Education is not fit for pursers for recording History


    Latest news and campaigns from The Rt Hon Michael Gove MP, the Conservative Member of Parliament for Surrey Heath and Secretary of State for Education..

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    As far as I can see you have done a great Job lets hope the rest of Burnley thinks the same we do not need a Labour Party cocking up all you have done
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    I very much appreciate Gordon’s accessibility and his helpful attitude. I don’t know how he copes with the workload !
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    It will be a shame if Gordon doesn’t retain his seat in 2015. He has worked so hard for Burnley after the unfortunate experience of the last Labour MP. Unfortunately for Gordon his Lib. Dem. party is not popular throughout Britaiin to help him stay as our best MP in many a long year. Good luck in May Gordon – you certainly deserve another term in office.
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