Apprentices: You're Hired!

Gordon Birtwistle, Burnley and Padiham MP and Government Apprentices Spokesman, has congratulated two local apprentices who have completed their courses and gone on to be employed permanently. 


Tahura Begum from Burnley and Courtney Kenyon from Padiham achieved their apprenticeships through Burnley Telematics and have received permanent positions from Reedley Hallows Children's Centre and the Hourglass Cafe to go along with their qualifications.

Ejaz Hussein, Managing Director of Burnley Telematics said: "I am delighted at the outcome of these apprenticeships for Tahura and Courtney. It clearly demonstrates the benefits of the scheme, both to young people and employers. I think businesses are now understanding the importance of this scheme. We try to help young people who are hard to reach and give them hope for the future. I am passionate about this.”

Gordon said: "Tahura and Courtney have done very and show the value of apprenticeships to young people. With so many more apprentices in Burnley now than there were in 2010, we should see more and more of them graduating into employment. This is good for the young people, good for local businesses, and good for Burnley and Padiham."

"Young people were badly let down by Labour who oversaw a huge increase in youth unemployment of 40% from 1997 to 2010 while they were in power. In under five years since I was elected in 2010 we have seen youth unemployment in Burnley fall by 42%. I want to work to see this trend continue over the next five years."

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