Gordon Visits Burnley McDonald's Apprentices

This morning Gordon visited apprentices in Burnley McDonald's to find out about the young people's experiences of apprenticeships. The apprentices - and former apprentices who have since gone on to full employment as managers in the company - were so enthusiastic and motivated in their work that Gordon even had a go making a burger!


"You guys are my heroes!" Gordon told the apprentices, "I was an apprentice back in 1958 and it gave me a career for life. As Government Spokesman for Apprenticeships I've fought to increase the number of apprenticeships for young people to give them the same job opportunities I had. Since I was elected in 2010 we've more than doubled the number of apprenticeships in Burnley and Padiham, and seen over 1.8 million new apprenticeships across the country. The skills you gain here will serve you for the rest of your life."

Gordon presented one of the team members, Lauren, with her apprenticeship award in Hospitality and Catering. Shortly after, he himself was surprised to be accepted as an honourary team member and presented with an award in Hamburgerology for successfully training in the making of a McDonald's hamburger!


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