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Labour-controlled Burnley Borough Council have kicked back a decision on whether or not to continue with the proposed Permanent Travellers' Sites to June 2015 - after the elections. A petition led by local MP Gordon Birtwistle has gathered almost 900 names of local residents in opposition to the plans.


After months of protest from local residents against the proposals to select a permanent travellers' site from one of four locations in Burnley it has been confirmed that the preferences will not be published until June 2015. Residents were originally told to expect the information by late 2014 it now appears to have been moved back beyond the General and Local elections in May.

"I think that the Council executive have been taken aback by just how strongly people feel about these proposed permanent travellers' sites," said Gordon. "With almost 900 names now on our petition against these proposals, in addition to the objections submitted to the Council, it is understandable that it may take more time for these proposals to be processed than initially expected. It is important to take into consideration the concerns of the residents in those areas where the proposed site could go."

"However, I think that the Council's response is very disappointing. To move the date of a decision back past the next election is a cynical attempt to put votes before residents' concerns."

"I am calling on the Council leadership to bring forward this decision to before the national and local elections and if necessary to make it a named vote in the Council Chamber."

You can sign Gordon's petition against the proposed permanent travellers' sites in Burnley here.

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