Residents Stand Against Travellers' Sites

Local residents in Burnley Wood are protesting the proposed permanent travellers' site in the area, supported by MP Gordon Birtwistle and local Lib Dem councillors Tracy Kennedy and Jeff Sumner.


Local residents have made it very clear that they do not want the travellers' site in the area. Gordon Birtwistle has handed a petition with 730 names on it to Burnley Borough Council demanding that Labour change their mind and withdraw the proposals for the four sites across Burnley.

Gordon agrees with local residents that Burnley does not want, nor do we need, these permanent travellers' sites. "In the report that Labour and Burnley Borough Council are using to justify enforcing these sites on residents, it states that these are not, in fact, necessary," Gordon said, "On page 9 of the report, it says 'There is little to no evidence of significant need for permanent accommodation arising from the presence of unauthorised encampments within the two boroughs'. So why are Labour not working with us to prevent these sites from going ahead?"

You can sign our petition against the travellers' sites here.

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