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We are backing Gordon Birtwistle to build a Better Burnley and Padiham.


Gordon has worked hard to bring jobs and investment to our town. He has also worked to see the return of the services we saw taken away from Burnley Hospital under Labour. As a result, today we have:

  • Over 4,300 more apprenticeships in Burnley and Padiham than in 2010, giving young people locally the skills to find a career for life.
  • Unemployment down by a third and youth unemployment down by 42%, helping more people get on in life.
  • A brand new £9 million Emergency Unit at Burnley Hospital, while I'm campaigning for a further £15 million for new state-of-the-art surgical units and a specialist eye clinic.

Can you help spread the word?

Help us make sure that Gordon stays our MP in 2015 to bring more jobs and investment to our town, and more services to our hospital!

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