Why Vote for Gordon?

Gordon Birtwistle has been an exceptional MP for Burnley and Padiham, bringing in millions of pounds worth of investment to the town creating new sustainable jobs for local residents. Since being elected in 2010, the unemployment rate has halved in our town and the number of apprenticeships has doubled to over 4,700.


Why is Gordon standing for re-election?

"I am standing for re-election on May 7th because there is much more to do for Burnley and Padiham. We have taken strides to improving the opportunities for young people in our town but we cannot rest on our laurels. I want to lead in the creation of more apprenticeships, which give sustainable jobs to our young people. But with unemployment in Burnley and Padiham down by over half we are making good progress so far."

"I have been fighting for Burnley Hospital for years - ever since we first heard that Labour were going to allow the closure of our A&E unit. While we lost that fight, I have not given up. I brought in £9 million from the government for a brand new Emergency Unit which opened last year: a big step down the road for a new A&E unit for Burnley, which I am still campaigning for. After I led a campaign and a petition for it, we have just learned that Burnley Hospital will receive £15.6 million investment in a state-of-the-art Ophthalmology Department and new surgical units. Yet another step down the road to bringing our local NHS services up a standard good enough for residents in Burnley and Padiham."

"With so many gains made, it is vital that we have an MP who will continue to fight for our town - we cannot allow things to slip backwards. After 30 years of decline in Burnley and Padiham under Labour compared to the last five years, I believe that I have shown myself to be an effective campaigner for our area."

Do you want to see a Better Burnley and Padiham, with a strong MP to fight our corner?

Will you vote for Gordon Birtwistle on May 7th?

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    Great to see Gordon out and about this evening ....he will probably be the only MP that we will see 'face to face '.
    Fantastic MP for this town .
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    I had to laugh when Ed Mililband sent a letter to me asking me to vote Labour as he promises to improve the NHS! Labour is the party that killed our NHS services in Burnley!
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    We must not have another Labour MP in our town,and I hope that Labour do not get to form the next government as that would me being run by Scotland.
  • @ tweeted this page. 2015-03-28 11:00:12 +0000
    Why vote for Gordon Birtwistle in Burnley & Padiham? Find out: http://www.burnleylibdems.org.uk/standing_for_a_better_burnley_padiham?recruiter_id=1147
  • Gordon Birtwistle & Burnley Liberal Democrats posted about Why Vote for Gordon? on Gordon Birtwistle & Burnley Liberal Democrats' Facebook page 2015-03-28 11:00:12 +0000
    Why vote for Gordon Birtwistle in Burnley & Padiham? Find out:
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    keep up the good work
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    Gordon has done more for Burnley than Labour ever did
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    Unfortunately I am disabled so cannot help in a practical way but it doesn't stop me from getting down to the polling station on voting day and I shall be voting for Gordon. These days you need to look at the individual candidates and say 'what have you done for my area?' and Gordon has done so much for Burnley & Padiham especially regarding the hospital. I have heart problems and the idea of possibly having a heart attack in the rush hour period frightens me to death as there is no way I would get to Blackburn in time due to the congestion on the motorway at that time of day.
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    Already on the System as a supporter!
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    Having met Mr Birtwistle to discuss a local issue I have no doubt at all that this is the right person to look after Burnley for the duration of the next election. His actions to date speak for themselves. Burnley is in good hands.
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